IRL, Will's a man of few words and fewer facial expressions. But under the bright lights of the stage, a smooth and soulful Billy D surfaces and expertly gets crowds grooving. Writing most of our tunes, he's the alpha cat and architect of AFJC.

Will Harman

vocals, bass

We keep deeep c around because he draws crowds with his baritone and his baby face. He also just happens to be the dopest drummer this side of Des Moines and can sling rhymes while he keeps the beat. Lil' bro of Billy D, deeep c's our main attraction.

deeep c | Cal Harman

vocals, drums

Smyles is our very own guitar wunderkind. When asked, ``How should we play this transition,`` he does a perfect dee-da-lee-dee and leaves all of our brains blown to bits and splattered on the garage wall. He's crazy-talented and cute as a button.

Myles Jasnowski

vocals, guitar

Kansas native, Ariel is a folk singer/songwriter in the daylight, but a ferocious jungle cat when the moon comes out. She hits the congas with care and backs up Billy D and deep c and Smyles on the mic.

Ariel Sinha

vocals, percussion

Don't be fooled, the 8-foot-tall burning hunk of man candy affectionately known as Big Daddy Mike may look ferocious, but he's a docile kitten at heart. Big Mike is king of smooth progressions and stage diving, making AFJC shows both a treat and a danger.

Mike Masin

rhodes, synthesizer

The Man with the Golden Boner, as we so lovingly call him, specializes in dazzling audiences with his facial hair and sweet, sweet horn solos. Ian's got a heart of gold and a trombone of brass; we love him for both.

Ian Fleming